Demo update (2016-11-23)

Hello !

We are releasing a new version of the demo client :

  • autoreload the character list
  • drop items on map from inventory
  • changed Arial font with Tempesta in UI
  • characters loose some items when they die
  • current action disabled on died
  • looting items is not possible after death
  • damages details are displayed in the fight channel
  • skills, experience, and adding/removing items are now displayed in the event channel
  • global channel by defaut, and when typing
  • added a mouse custom cursor
  • added trade mode for NPCs
  • UI windows are now movable
  • added environment details on map
  • Chupkaur don’t collide anymore with players when under sand
  • Lhnëmeyk added
  • Maximal weight is now driven by the Strength attribute
  • Speed proportional to maximal weight
  • Added a quest with the farmers couple
  • Added ui notifications when discovering skill or item
  • Added tchat bubbles
  • Combat skills calculate distance from other entity bounds, not the center anymore.
  • NPC Script handling and persistent quests
  • Added hair type for men
  • Hunger/thirst decreases slower
  • Life and mana regeneration proportional to hunger/thirst
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Robin Ruaux

Développeur web depuis plus de 10 ans, je suis passionné par la création de jeux vidéos. J'utilise ainsi Unity3D pour mettre en place des améliorations au sein du jeu Akhiris Online.

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