Great comeback


The game is back with a lot of updates:

Version 0.46

  • construction of buildings using a construction plan
  • possible attack on buildings
  • building inventory accessible to its owner
  • effect during a critical hit: camera zoom
  • recoil effect when fight skills are triggered
  • addition of equipped weapons (visible during an attack and in the inventory)
  • the player’s speed is now independent of the weight carried
  • you can add usable skills to the left / right click
  • you can create a group with other players
  • the group lets you see where the other players are
  • you can chat in the group channel, once it is formed.
  • you can place a group marker positioned on the map (only 1 per group)
  • added option “leave group”
  • hunger no longer kills the character
  • added a confirmation request to delete a character (text to type)
  • the skills dragged with the mouse no longer generates duplicates
  • the item bubble is positioned correctly at the edges of the screen when necessary
  • added quest log and storylines
  • added skill Archeology
  • added items sold by NPCs
  • added NPC avatars
  • added fishing activity
  • addition of the butchering skill
  • improved player movements and networked creatures
  • only cards close to the player are loaded

We need you to test the new features, such as group creation, game flow and new combat animations:

Download your Windows or Linux client now and join the adventure.

PS: Do not hesitate to comment the article if you find a bug or an improvement to be made.

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Robin Ruaux

Développeur web depuis plus de 10 ans, je suis passionné par la création de jeux vidéos. J'utilise ainsi Unity3D pour mettre en place des améliorations au sein du jeu Akhiris Online.

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