Changelog 0.47

This update invites you on new adventures in the world of Akhiris during this festive season.

Here are the improvements in version 0.47 of the game:

Version 0.47

  • more readable dialogs, standardized portraits, fixed switch from one NPC to another
  • added a stone projectile to the slingshot
  • collisions between entities are better managed (the entities stop on contact)
  • only one connection per character
  • added basic features to NPCs tools
  • player loot is accessible to the group of players who killed it
  • the creature loot is given to each member of the group individually
  • you can now choose the object to craft in the crafting interface
  • addition of the Trade skill and its effect on the price of items when buying / selling
  • added the Craft skill and its effect on the craft speed for each item. Each craftable item has a minimum crafting level associated with it.
  • addition of the Construction skill and its effect on the repair time of a building
  • addition of the minimap (press backspace by default)
  • return of the weight of objects, without slowing down the character, but by blocking his movements if he reaches the limit. The maximum weight depends on the character’s stamina value.
  • the basic characteristics of the characters now intervene in combat, and are visible in the inventory
  • skill levels are acquired more quickly
  • added bonuses / penalties for each item and display in the inventory item bubble
  • equipment wear out when you take a hit
  • the weapon (right hand) is worn when giving a blow
  • correction of the display of prices and stocks by default (pnj goods)
  • we can now write a space in the chat without triggering the contextual menu
  • you can choose a quantity of object to deposit (on the ground, or in a building)
  • added object variables to make them dynamic (such as filling the gourd)
  • added quest steps in the quest log
  • new quest for Emiale
  • new crafting recipes

You can download from our files section the akhiris online downloader , that will patch your PC to final v0.47 version.

You will also need to install the game server for you to play.

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Robin Ruaux

Développeur web depuis plus de 10 ans, je suis passionné par la création de jeux vidéos. J'utilise ainsi Unity3D pour mettre en place des améliorations au sein du jeu Akhiris Online.

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