Demo update – 2016-11-01

We enhanced the demo client. Here is the changelog, which resolves some issues and brings a lot of news.

Please go to the demo page to download your client (Windows 64bit client or Linux 64bit client)

Changelog 2016-11-01

  • Fixed issues

    • skills are not duplicated anymore on drag&drop in the UI
    • fixed colliders with the great plant and creatures
    • creatures are now stopping when colliding with their environment
    • Linux client should launch successfully
  • Améliorations

    • creatures can now move diagonally
    • skills are now activable by clicking on their icon
    • A cooldown is displayed on skill icons
    • Some environment elements are now interactable [SPACE]
    • Added some environment actions (RIGHT click)

      Apparition des actions contextuelles

      Contextual actions

    • Dig skill added
    • Consumables added
    • Craft table added on the campfire
    • Added chat channels (global, fights, events)

      Ajout des canaux de tchat

      Chat channels

    • New launcher for the game : updates does not require full client download (except the first time)
  • Next update improvements :

    • Extend the “Nomadic Islands” environment
    • NPC
    • Fishing activity

We are also searching for talentuous people to help us to release the demo (designers, level designers and Unity developers). Feel free to contact us !

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Robin Ruaux

Développeur web depuis plus de 10 ans, je suis passionné par la création de jeux vidéos. J'utilise ainsi Unity3D pour mettre en place des améliorations au sein du jeu Akhiris Online.

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