Demo update (2016-10-27)

Hello !

The october update have been deployed. It includes more precise collisions with objects, and the fighting feature with creatures on the map.

Maps are now loaded seamlessly to the player, using the infinite scrolling technique.

Le portail vers le monde d'Akhiris

The portal to Akhiris world

Ciblage et attaque des entités

Targeting and attacking creatures

La mort vous attend au détour.

Death is just around the corner.

We appreciate feedbacks from you, in order to improve the quality of the game.

Please go to the demo page to download your client (Windows 64bit client or Linux 64bit client)

Changelog 2016-10-27

  • skill window added, with kick and punch skills
  • skills can level up when using them
  • targeting creatures with [TAB]
  • collisions with objects and entities
  • creatures don’t spawn anymore on colliders
  • better synchronization of the players movements
  • day/night cycle synchronization with the server
  • data persistence (life/mana/hunger/thirst/karma and attributes)
  • repousse-chup added near the portal
  • fixed an issue with tchat scrolling. You can activate it with [ENTER]
  • Chupkaur added with its swoop/drop
  • the client version is now displayed at startup
  • creatures are stronger

Next update improvements :

  • cooldowns on skills
  • chat channels (global, events, fights…)
  • environment actions (filhane, search, campfire)
  • equipments and damages modifications
  • faster client updates
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Robin Ruaux

Développeur web depuis plus de 10 ans, je suis passionné par la création de jeux vidéos. J'utilise ainsi Unity3D pour mettre en place des améliorations au sein du jeu Akhiris Online.

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